Thanks for joining me on this new blogging adventure.

But first, let me introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Sylvia, and I create. I love to write poetry and stories, I love to make art and to play with new techniques, and I have lost my creative joy.

There are many reasons why, but the most important one is chronic issues.

But I've realised something recently, and I want to try it out on this blog: I don't have to stop creating just because I'm in pain.

I CAN just make stuff.

I CAN journal.

I CAN just grab my knitting needles and knit, even if it's slowly.

I CAN go to my studio down the hall, grab my pencils and doodle.

Dang it.

So here it is, my studio. A fun place for me to explore and share my insights, creativity and deep thoughts about the creative life.

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