2,5 weeks ago on a Monday, I was rushed to hospital because I appeared to have a bad stomach bug that wreaked havoc on me in three days time.

At the hospital I found out that I had a bad bladder infection and needed to stay to get treated for multiple infections, and they found a large cyst in the ct scan.

Within days, my feverish mind heard for the first time that the cyst was cancerous. I had to get in for a biopsy, and they took some tissue from my stomach.

I was sent home a week after I was taken in, and a day later I heard I had to go in for emergency surgery as my kidneys suffered badly from the cyst (which is ginormous).

I had the surgery on Wednesday and on Friday the gynaecologist called me to share that the test confirms I have ovarian cancer, and would have to go to a cancer hospital soon for a major and painful surgery.

And, as fate goes, on Monday I was very sick and very feverish again (exactly 2 weeks after I went to hospital.) The doctor asked for a urine sample, and, turned out I have another bad bladder infection, which meant that my intake at the cancer hospital will be postponed by a week.

I had some time to get adjusted to the diagnosis, I was told about the cyst on the day after I was taken into hospital, and was warned it could be bad.

Thing is... I am fierce, and I am ever so strong, and I will always fight for myself and my health.

No matter what the doctors say, I will keep hope, and I will keep that flame alive.

And I will keep creating, because creativity is my life blood. It is what makes me come to life the most, even if it is just a couple of silly sketches and wild play sessions with glue and a stack of paper.

The plan is to first do surgery and then give me the first chemo during the surgery. And then, when I'm all healed up, I get six chemo's, three weeks apart.

I hope that gives me at least one week where I can live a reasonably normal life.

I know the surgery, while it may be brutal, will also free me from the thing that puts pressure on all my major organs in the stomach.

All this means that I will probably change the way I use this blog. I may share more art, or write more short stories, or keep a blog here on my journey. Or all of the above.

What will stay the same is that I'm a bloody fighter, and I will remain that way.

My body deserves that.