For the past couple of years, I’ve pasted the same list in front of my notebooks. They are important to me, and a great way to inspire the moment I open my notebooks to the first page.

I sometimes change a little bit of the wording, but the list has basically stayed the same.

Here's the current version of my list of rules to live by

  1. Eat for your health
  2. Overwhelmed? Journal!
  3. When in doubt, drink water
  4. Any movement is good movement
  5. Embrace your spirituality
  6. Live your joy daily. Write!
  7. Don't blame yourself for your pain
  8. Close your eyes and breathe in calm
  9. Write (or doodle) your poetry
  10. Don't believe your fears

Why this list exists

I wrote the list when I was feeling well, wanting to remind myself of what I love to do and what I can do to feel better.

The list has stuck with me ever since. It’s such a comfort to read when I feel low or overwhelmed with anxiety or am in pain.

It has gentle guidance to create and to take care of myself.

What would your list be?