I have a confession to make about knitting: I never knit complicated stuff.

I know my sock pattern by heart. And my glove pattern. I can knit a shawl without much fuss, as the pattern I use is deceptively easy.

Even when I want to knit a jumper, I stick to the basics.

When I need quick and easy projects, I knit dishcloths in garter stitch, aka the most basic stitch there is.

Oh, I salivate at the pretty patterns I see online, the complicated scarves and the wild and wonderful socks, and I've knitted plenty of complex things in the past, but nowadays I keep my knitting simple.


Because that way, knitting becomes a meditation.

No matter how overwhelmed I feel, I grab a current project, knit a few rows and I calm down.

Staring at a pattern and trying to figure out what I need to do next or where I went wrong is the opposite of calm, for me, it's stressing me out.

Knitting simple is serving me. So I embrace it.

And I know that staying calm makes me more open to create.

So I'm letting myself knit my simple stitches and my simple things.

It's what works.