My past confronted me the moment I entered the store.

My teen self stared down at me from the end of the centre aisle. Arrogant smile on her face, her left hand clasped on her leg, her right hand up to cast a spell. The now famous words "Abracadabra, natch!" hovered over the teen's head like a cloud of doom.

I clenched my hands to fists. How dared they publish yet another box set without my knowledge?

My bloody parents! They signed a contract entitling them to the proceeds of the show, and they spent it all before I was even an adult.

The world learned all about that before they died, though, which was nice. Sadly, now the only ones earning money from the box set sales and streaming were the creators of the show.

I really had to do something about that, too.

I walked down the aisle and studied the cookies display.

Two women walked past me, giggling like little girls. One of them said, “She was so cute! I wonder what she looks like now! Old and fat, no doubt, from the five secret kids she and Jesse had after the show!”

Jesse. I gagged. That asshole. People liked to link them from the first season of the show, which was sick, because I was 12 years old and Jesse was 17. He did play my high school crush in the show, but that didn’t mean he was my boyfriend.

Well, he quickly learned not to mess with me.

I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing about his fate, pulled my hood up tighter and listened on.

The other woman whispered, "Jan told me she saw her once! She’s gone really fat!"

The other grinned, and said, half choking in laughter, “I bet all she does is sit on her fat little ass and eat cookies, bemoaning her faded looks and the stupid little spell that she says ruined her life.”

They both giggled and walked on.

I whispered, “Stupid little spell, eh?”

A fiery burst of anger took control of my body. I snapped the fingers of my left hand and said, pointing with my right index finger at both their backs. I whispered, "Abracadabra, natch!"

Sparkling red devil horns whirled up from the skulls of both women.

I turned and walked away from the store, grinning all the way home.