My cat blinks at me, staring so intently that my scifi loving mind thinks he is trying to communicate a story to me.

I grab my pen and paper, and start to write something, not looking at the paper. Moments later, I put down my pen and my cat walks away.

I look down on the paper, and see...

Nothing. The pen wasn't clicked in, so all I see is scratches in perfect white paper.

I giggle, flip the page and blink. There, in deep etchings into paper, is a portrait. Of my cat. Sticking out his tongue.


I turn the page back. Deep indents in paper. Turn the page over, cat portrait.

I say, "What is this wizardry?"

My cat runs to the bookshelf and paws at a book until it falls over on its spine and the pages fall open.

Then my cat puts his paw on the page, and I look closer.

Mind control.

What the...

My cat runs away and it sounds like he's cackling.

I wonder if I should pack my bag and run.