Like last year, my word of the year just leapt out at me.

It was there, and it was begging for me to LISTEN.

So I did. I sat still, mulled on the word and wrote something that I lost almost immediately. Funny how that works. I think I'm meant to write it live, right now, in this post. So that will appear below the word.

Later this week, I will share a letter I wrote to my word a couple of years ago. I've recently found it again, and boy, does it pack a punch.

But without further ado, my word of the year is:


I want to live the courage
To live all aspects of my art
To live free within my words
In my colourful brushstrokes
Strong in the knowledge that
My art needs to shine now

I seek the courage
To live an artist's life
To make, to write, to paint
What my heart sings in
And then turning to all
And show them my shop

But most of all, I seek
To be courageous in being
The me I know I am,
Playful, wise, loving
No longer the one who hides
Behind words born of fear

This is my courage, my dream
My fire heart shining and singing
Bringing beauty into the world
Even if she aches and fears
All that she wants it to sing
And I, at last, let her roar

This poem... wow it's everything.

I can't wait to dwell in courage and LEAP!