I noticed in the bath just now, quietly observing myself, that all sorts of deep thoughts drift by when I take a sip with my eyes closed.

I thought it would be a wonderful experiment to try and collect them. This is a story of one cup of tea.

Deep breath…


The tea is almost too warm to drink, but when I blow on it, and take a quiet sip, it’s like heaven on my tongue, burning in its taste.

This is like how I see the busy life outside my door. If I let it scald me, I will burn, but if I close my eyes, take a sip, let it rest on my tongue, I see the beauty.


Two of my cats are sleeping with me. The calm that brings is undeniable.

I think that people with dogs will feel the same way about their dogs sleeping next to them.

It’s the companionship that doesn’t demand. It just is.


I am slowly detaching myself from my phone.

One of the steps I take is that I now try to write down the thing I wonder about first.

My mind is always distracted the moment I hit that home button (I have the 2022 iPhone SE, which feels like a comfort in the giant phones of today).

The better way for me is my notebook and pen. There only a blank page awaits me, nothing more, nothing less. Notebooks don’t do notifications, only calm clarity.


Not every sip brings a thought now. Writing them down gave me a sip that had calm clarity.

I never understood meditation, sitting down in silence never calmed me down, no matter how often and how steadily I practiced.

My calm is in words.