In the past couple of months, I've really started to make an effort building my morning routine. They are like a chain now, the one action triggers the other, and the past week or so I noticed how normal it's becoming. I go to the bathroom in the morning, and the one step triggers the other. Then I go back to bed, and grab my basket with my morning meds and all the things I use for my face (hate to do that in the bathroom, usually too humid for my asthma).

After that I brush my hair, grab my notebook to plan my day, journal a bit and then have breakfast while reading a book.

It's all really simple stuff, but it's amazing how much putting the energy in building this routine is paying off already.

Even on days I don't feel well, I can do this routine, and it makes me feel better about myself, more put together as it were.

I'm now slowly building new routines for during the day.

Walking to the bathroom triggers a bit of tidying up, leaving the office triggers other routines. I hope to make these as automatic as my morning routines are, because not having to think about doing stuff truly frees my mind for my creativity.

And that's exactly why building routines is so good for me.