My daily companion is an A6 floral cover with a journal and a commonplace book inside. And, attached to the clip, is a mechanical pencil.

Through the years, I’ve used a lot of different pens, from the cheapest ballpoint to fancy fountain pens. And now they are all put away in favour of my pencil.


My word of the year is to blame. My quest to simplify led me to find the perfect pencil. I love to draw with pencils and I found I loved to write with them when I first discovered Blackwing pencils, but my hand requires something thicker. so finding the perfect pencil would cover both needs.

And the fact that I made such a fuss about it shows how important planning and journaling are for me. If I don’t do one of them, I lose focus on myself, my day and my thoughts spiral.

And then I ordered the perfect pencil. I wrote with it and it felt like happiness. I ordered counterparts so I have three and added my favourite refill to all.

I no longer need anything else to write with and draw with. I do have some other options in my pencil case, but I never reach for them. I just need my planner and journals, mg pencils, my eraser pen and I’m good to go.

And while it may seem excessive to have three books, they are what works for my brain so I’m sticking to it.

I’ve also started to simplify my art supplies. More on that in a later post!