It's late at night on a Wednesday during a hard week, both emotionally and physically, and I felt the urge to just sit here and write something about joy.

Joy teaches best when you feel its absence. When you feel that it is so far from your current moment in time, that you are desperate to hear its soft voice.

It's what drives me to open a book I've read before, because I know there is beauty to be found in the words.

It's what makes me turn the page in my journal and draw my teacup again and again.

It's what makes me turn to my blog and write.

Because when joy is absent, it's like lungs just after breathing out: you need to breathe in because you feel that you will suffocate if you don't.

This is a constant in my life, this inhale and exhale of joy. And eventually, I know that it is in me, even in the depth of the exhale.