This is a post about a list I have that is really useful: a list of things I can do when I’m not feeling well.

I have physical issues that often keep me in bed or stuck behind my desk or suchlike.

At those times, focusing is hard too, so I need things that make me feel productive but aren’t straining or cost too much energy.

And at times where I’m not well, choosing things to do is hard. So if I feel the need to do something, I have my list and usually one task jumps out at me.

Here’s my list so far.

  1. Sort through a months worth of photos. I have a spreadsheet with tickboxes I can choose a month from, sort the pictures, throw away a lot of extras and then tick of that month.
  2. Sort my old blog posts. I have 800 or so and I’m sorting them into broad categories to work with later. It’s perfect.
  3. Same thing as #2 but with poetry
  4. Type up things from my journals to add to poetry or ideas pile or something like that.
  5. Make art in procreate.
  6. Create fonts using the Fontmaker app