This is a sort of sequel to last week's post.

On Friday, I didn't sleep very well, at all, because of physical issues. I think I had about two hours' sleep, and after a week of being plagued by insomnia again, I was just DONE. I decided to stay in bed and hopefully catch some more sleep.

I hoped the meds I took would start working, but I felt more and more miserable.

I watched really crappy shows while playing a game on my phone and felt myself sink into a depressive state more and more.

After an episode ended, my finger hovered over the next episode button, and I stopped and thought to myself: "Why don't you just create, silly? This is making you feel horrible!"

I started an episode of another show I'd already watched to use as background chatter and grabbed one of my small knitting projects.

And I knit.

Then I journaled, and walked to the office to do some work behind the desk.

And I made the art that accompanies this post

My mood lightened, and I felt centred again. Just because I created.