I’m working on editing the first half of my book, to make sense of writing the second part, given that I changed a big thing with my characters, and not editing now means a lot of struggle if I finish the book.

So I was editing away, adding things to scenes and removing lines that no longer fit.

And then I ran into a snag. I couldn’t for the life of me remember a character’s name and others were talking about them. I didn’t want to stop editing, so I just did something new. I added QQQ before the line, added a description of the character to insert, and then QQQ at the end of that. This way, by the time I’m ready to edit for the second draft (after finishing the book) I can easily find the places where I need to add stuff.

I intend to search for QQQ before starting my edits, so I can slot in character names, names of villages and descriptions of everything before I dive into the story.

This is such a lovely way to keep my focus on the scene (in full screen) and not on going into notes and getting distracted again.

And it works, I’m zooming through this. Six chapters done, about ten to go, some of which may be dropped with the new direction I’m taking with the story. I hope to be ready to write new words by the end of the week, maybe even sooner, if I keep up with the QQQ’s and don’t allow any distractions.