I haven't written a lot in the past five years, and at one point I pondered if I could call myself a writer.

But I was! A writer in pain and recovery is still a writer, no matter how she hides from her words.

Now, there's no more hiding because I create a space for my self. A space where my writing can shine.

This space is both physically (my laptop and my notebooks easy at hand, and a clean desk to write at) and mentally (journaling on writing, and logging my progress and obstacles, plus visualising a successful writing session before sitting down to write).

And one of the biggest things is to experiment. I want to keep five blogs? I keep five blogs. I want another notebook? Done, I have various ones ready on my shelves. I want to write with a different pen? No problem, plenty options in my desk drawer. I want to write in another app to try it out? No problem, just sign up for a free trial and go go go.

That has helped me SO much in the past months. It's how I ended up registering for write.as and how I allowed myself to just write blog posts and not think of all the finicky stuff that went with it when I had a WordPress blog.

I just want to write my thoughts and hit post. And being able to do that has given me tremendous freedom.

Isn't there a better feeling to have when you start preparing for NaNoWriMo?

PS I had a rest day today and, for funsies, I tried out WordPress again. Holy Moly, I'm SO not ready for the kind of blogging again where I need to check off a page-long list before I hit post. Cancelled the trial after an hour of frustrated growls.