This morning, I had no idea what to write for today’s post.

I knew I could fret about it, or dive into my archive of 100+ old blog posts to find something that might work for today.

But I waited. I read a book that I desperately need to write about, I tidied up a bit, and then I knew what I needed to write about: my process.

It’s something I’ve trusted on for many years. When I’m feeling good, wanting to write a blog post is always answered with one. I have had many times where I had to type so furtively that I typed up a 500 word blog post in ten minutes and had hardly anything to correct afterwards.

Today, I needed an afternoon of pottering about to get into the headspace to write this blog post. Sometimes, I just need ten minutes.

And I realise that when I had a hard time with writing, I didn’t allow myself quiet days. I didn’t let myself be surprised with words.

Now I remember that this is the process, I will take more time to craft, curl up with a book or tidy up a bit.

That last part is fodder for another blog post. One that no doubt will appear in my mind waiting to be written.

Because that’s how inspiration works, I guess?