I have struggled this past months, and nothing has shown that as well as this:

This is my Ghost post page, and this is the list of draft posts that made it to Ghost. Most are stuck in Bear.

The last post shared over here was in January. Way too long ago!

When I saw this, I knew what I needed to do: create.

This didn't mean that I needed to write, per se. It meant I needed to MAKE something.

Creating anything is always enabling me to write. In this case, I grabbed my iPad and futzed around in Procreate.

Playing like that, really just clicking on random brushes and colours until I find something I like, isn't to create art.

It isn't to make things that could be in a museum, in theory. It's to unstick myself.

And it worked. This blog post is proof, but posts on my writing log are too. Knitting a new scarf for no reason is too.

And earlier this week, I wrote the first new words for a novel project of mine in months.

This is living a creative life, to me, one messy blob after another. And I know that no matter what, I need to keep creating whatever.

This is also the reason why I have an art journal alongside my daily notebook.

doodle in my art journal, all colourful blobs made with watercolours and messy ink contouring.

And why I write poetry in my daily notebook.

A messy poem in my journal

This is also why my motto when it comes to creativity is as follows:

Creativity begets Creativity

To be a writer, I have to keep all my creative options open. And I do!

PS And as for the blog posts that are still in draft stage: they will remain so until I feel I've done the topics justice.