I've discovered something about myself: if I don't make it easy for myself to create art, I don''t create art.

With that in mind, I have switched out my weekly planner for a watercolour sketchbook in my Traveller's notebooks (I have a passport for all around and a regular size for my desk)

my passport traveller's notebook

And then I noticed something. I splashed some watercolour around on paper, and then, a couple days later, I looked at the page and this poem came to me. I rushed to grab a post it from the front of my notebook and scribbled it down.

And this is what I love about creating something: it always sparks something else.

I always have to keep a notepad and pen handy when I'm whittling for instance, because the simple act of carving wood is inspiring me to write poetry or gives me ideas for a book or a story.

I often get ideas for a poem or what to sketch when I write fiction.

And sometimes, five minutes of watercolour play gives me a poem.