I'm taking an online art class at the moment (in an attempt to make me feel the urge to draw again, and it works!) and in it, the teacher uses some cute mechanical pencils to draw.

I immediately stored the name of those pencils in my mind, and a little while later, I bought a pack of ten of them.

The next morning, I frowned at myself and asked why, remembering the time when I bought super fancy pencils because an artist I like uses them. I hated those fancy pencils.

I mean, ordering 8 euros worth of mechanical pencils won't magically make me a better artist. I won't all of a sudden draw like her.

The pencils arrived, the colourfulness drew me in, and within seconds, I had the package open and a hand full of pretty pencils.

I made a small sketch, and found that the mechanical pencil was indeed awesome, fantastic to draw with.

But, was the drawing I made with those pencils better than the one I usually use?

No. I'm still the same artist. I make the same super wonky doodles. I may make doodles in the future that are less wonky, but I think I won't. It's my style.

So why did I tear open that package?

The colourful pencils actually make me want to draw.

So they can stay, and I will leave them all around the house as a reminder to doodle.

But, quite frankly, I really didn't need them.