When I'm not feeling well, I often have issues with my writing, or better: the lack thereof.

In those moments it feels like I lack confidence in my writing abilities. This means that I usually don't write anything substantial. At most, I blog a random thought, journal or write short form poetry.

Most often, poetry comes the easiest, and to my stupid mind that means that the thing that takes effort (ie writing fiction) is worth more.

Now I wrote that last line I realise it sounds so stupid! Any progress in writing, no matter how small, is worth everything!

Also, my judgement is completely off. The other day, I read a poem I wrote on a fever high, and it's fantastic! Back then I wanted to trash it.

I'm writing this post to remind myself that I don't need to do anything when I'm feeling low. And to stop judging what I do create.

I should feel insanely grateful for being able to write my poetry and to journal or blog something.

Any writing is progress for me as a writer.

That is what is most important to me, and most ignored when it comes to writing when not feeling well.

Funny how that happens.