I haven't managed a blog post a day this month, skipped yesterday and Friday, in fact.

I had a very good reason, and for once I'm not frustrated with myself. It was just unavoidable. When you are tired beyond belief, creativity suffers first.

I couldn't think of a single thing to write in the past two days, and I didn't push myself. I just rested, had a good cry (there comes a point in lack of sleep where everything makes me cry) and then tried again the next day.

And that's good.

It has taken me many years to realise that self care does come first. It's why I took a looooong bath this morning and why I I'm now in bed to try and have a nap later.

Maybe later today, there will be new words.

And if not, I'm okay with that too.

Self care comes first, before words, before wordcounts. Before everything.

PS I wrote this, then slept for two hours, only to find this on the screen, unshared.