I tend to (over)complicate things. When I’m not feeling well, even more so.

I also tend to overthink things, which is a great way to describe procrastination, for me. Instead of writing,

I spend hours pondering characters and their actions, only writing something late at night to be able to check off my daily writing habit.

I also spend hours in avoidance mode, trying to nap while watching something I’ve already seen before in hopes I get bored enough to sleep.

Lately, I’ve forced myself to focus on joy instead of avoidance. How? By making creativity as easy as possible.

Instead of pondering for hours, I write what I want to write in that moment. And no matter if it is something for the book or something nonsensical, it doesn’t matter. I write. And who knows, nonsense today is part of a book tomorrow. Had that happen to me so often.

I also keep my art journal easily accessible. The sheer joy of making something in it is enough to make me smile, even in the days where pain screams.

And I have art software installed on my phone and on my iPad, so I can just grab a stylus and create.

Most important of all: my journal is usually next or close to me, and if not, there's a notebook at least. And I use blank pages, so if I want to make a quick sketch, I can.

What can you do to add more ease to your creative life?

What can you set up for easy access to help you when you drown in discomfort?