When I sit down to create something or write something, I’m not always ready to create, mentally. I may have a lot of things on my mind, like a brain that won’t stop spinning.

What I do then, Is lean to my left, grab my Rubik’s cube and mess it up and solve it again, or I grab something to knit for a while, or I Wordle, or doodle for a couple of minutes.

What this does, is reset my mind so I can create what I wanted to create when I walked to my desk. Making this space for myself is essential for my creative process.

I used to think that doing things other than creating what I came to do was procrastination, but it isn’t.

It’s like hitting a switch in my brain to prepare myself for the joy that is creativity.

And if the pesky thoughts still linger after I do my resets, I grab a notepad and write down everything that still lingers. Writing my thoughts down never fails to complete the reset.

And then I can finally create.